DIY Video:How to build a Cheap Homemade HHO Hydrogen Generator .Great for Cutting,Melting,Welding and Polishing

    这段视频显示了中方ld of a Homemade HHO Generator and torch for cutting and welding scrap metals .This safe torch makes an ideal tool for welding, brazing, soldering, drilling, cutting, polishing and annealing for metals, ceramics, glass and plastics.The Flame/Fuel Generator internally produces hydrogen and oxygen gasses from the distilled water fuel, utilizing the electrolytic process. The gasses are generated naturally in the two-to-one ratio needed for efficient flame combustion.

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    • DIY Video: How to build a Homemade Hot Water Off grid Air Heater using Heat Exchanger and a Car Radiator Fan
      这段视频显示了中方ld of a Homemade Hot Water Air Heater using an old heat exchanger and a car radiator fan.This unit provides near-instant warm air.The Air-Flow: it's adjustable from 10 CFM to 1500 CFM. max breeze 20 Mph! The Temps: With input water temps between 120F to 150F the output air temp ranged from 85F to 110F. *or from heat pump temps up to near furnace temps! easily warms a room or two, maybe more.The heart of the unit is an 8x8 Copper/Aluminum Heat Exchanger., This unit can easily be run straight from a 12v solar panel or battery so it's "off-grid" ready. Simply mounted the fan in front of it,then connected the pipes. then you just connect a small water pump (200-350 gph) to one of the pipes and drop both pipes into a water-filled sink,almost immediately it creates very warm air (in under a minute).

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    • How to build a Simple Survival Water Distiller using Bottles
      此视频显示了一个简单的太阳能水蒸馏系统生存的构建/ SHTF situations.This使用2清晰(塑料或玻璃)瓶和胶(或带)一个.fill伪瓶用脏/或盐水制成,然后连接第二瓶组在sun.Within几分钟的水开始蒸发,而另一瓶收集干净的蒸馏水vapor.make确保瓶子有一个气密连接。撑起瓶以微小的角度,从而将脏/或盐水开始蒸发 - 最大。水蒸汽的量将行进到较高收集容器中。在灿烂的阳光效果最佳。

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    • manbetx ios
      This 3 part video series shows you how to safely build an Underground Survival Shelter from a 20ft shipping container.This is a great step-by-step example of how a 20 foot container can be buried, reinforced, and have utilities added to make a shelter that has everything you’d need in an emergency, and double as a cellar for food storage.Whether you’d like a cellar, prepper space, a ‘man cave’ or just an addition onto your home, shipping containers are quite a good start for above or below the ground shelters or rooms.

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